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Art-O-Mat Closed as of May 31, 2009
We will post updates if and when we have any news to report

ARTOMAT TO SAY GOODBYE?? -- As some are now aware, we have made the difficult decision to wind ARTOMAT down and close its doors. We have had an amazing run and we are grateful for the incredible support all of you have given just by being there. We are especially indebted to our dedicated volunteers. We have had support and enthusiasm from the family owners of Plaxall the likes of which I have not seen anywhere else. And most important we feel we have shown the need in this community for the type of space ARTOMAT has been.

BUT this may not be the end. There are so many people coming forward with fresh ideas to sustain or reinvent what we have done and so we are hoping that some form of continuation of what we started might go on. So please stay tuned and if you have a desire to become seriously directly involved please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know what kind of involvement or support you might offer.

Here's a link to an article that helps to explains where we are:

Just a reminder that this is the last weekend before Art-O-Mat closes. It's a good chance to swing in and buy some of the LIC items we have left.

We are so deeply appreciative of the support we've had since opening in 2005. We are particularly indebted to the volunteers who have dedicated time and energy to keeping Art-O-Mat running each week. And of course we cannot thank our main sponsor Plaxall enough. We plan to do an update to the website that will feature photos and videos of all the things that we did here. So many folks have helped out in different ways that it's impossible to thank everyone in an email. We hope to acknowledge everyone when we update the website.

There are still some folks trying to work on a continuation or reinvention of a similar community space and we will inform this list when and if we have something to report.

We will also be doing the final round of bookkeeping over the next few weeks so that we can make sure all artists receive any payments due. We will contact each of you individually or please contact us if there are any issues to resolve.

Have a great summer and we look forward to seeing you in the hood.

Diane & Kenny

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