Long Island City Art Forum Mail ListServer Tutorial

Here's a quick overview of how the ListServ works.

**** What is the List For? ****

The list is for discussion of issues of importance to 
Long Island City area artists, musicians, performers, writers, etc.  
In particular, the focus is the Long Island City Art Frenzy.

Please do not carry on private discussions. 

Please do not post non-art related advertising. 

Please do not post mass mail political letters.
(Also, check out if it is a real cause at www.urbanlegends.com)

Please do not post "lucky" chain letters.

Please do not post attachments.
Instead use the BBS at www.licweb.com/artbbs and
mention your post to the list.

Please do use it to communicate about local art issues.

**** How to send and respond to the Whole List ****

Any mail sent to the address: lic_art_forum@licweb.com
is resent out to everyone who has been subscribed to this list. 
You will notice that every email begins with the phrase "LIC_ART- "
This will allow you to use any filtering or filing capabilities of 
your email software so that mail from our list can go into its own folder.

When you hit 'REPLY', your reply will automatically go out to 
everyone on the list since the 'REPLY-TO' field is: 

**** How to send and respond to One Individual ****

If you need to respond to an individual, this is easily done by 
looking at the 'FROM' field. 

Clip and paste this field to a new message. 
Generally, you should respond to the list when your reply is of 
general interest.

***** About Threads **** 

Most mailing lists can have several topic threads at once. 
Depending on your email software the email may be sorted by 
subject line. That sometimes makes it easier to follow a thread. 

At anytime you can reply to an existing thread or start a new one. 
You can even alter the subject line of an existing thread if needed.

Tip: Others will understand your reply if you include the
original message in your reply. Most email programs allow you
to do this in a way that distinguishes the old post from the new.


Do NOT send requests to unsubscribe to the list.
It doesn't work that way. It just goes to other list subscribers.

Instead send an email to majordomo@licweb.com
with any subject. 

In the body of the email you must put the phrase:
unsubscribe lic_art_forum (your email address)
followed by a blank line.

You can Email The Administrator or 
An semi-automated Subscribe/Unsubscribe system is HERE.

************** Who is here? ***********************

You can also discover who is subscribed to the list
by sending an email to: majordomo@licweb.com
Subject line does not matter. 

In the body of the email type: who lic_art_forum
and then leave at least one blank line after that.

You will receive a list of subscribers' email addresses.
(Note: Only available to subscribed users.)

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