Information About The HPCC

The Hunters Point Community Coalition was established in March of 1990, by individuals, community groups, and businesses in response to the City's proposal for the western Queens Waterfront Development Project, now known as Queens West. The Coalition opposes the overwhelming scale and unmanageable density of this Hunters Point mega-redevelopment project in an area already plagued by fragile environmental conditions.

Our mission has been to preserve the uniqueness of Hunters Point through responsible planning and protect its residents and businesses from the damaging effects of the Queens West Development Project. To address these issues, the Coalition developed the community-generated Alternate Plan. The plan promotes, not only citizen participation, but genuine community-based planning for a publicly-sponsored redevelopment project.

Information about The View

The View is published by the Hunters Point Community Coalition. The Coalition consists of concerned local residents, community groups, and businesses who support community-based development through community participation.

Amy Lee Sundquist, Editor, Photographer, The View

The Hunters Point Community Coalition: Steering Committee

  • Tom Paino, Chairperson
  • Eedie Cuminale
  • Dennis DıAmelio
  • Kirsten Jacob
  • Debra Whitelaw

  • Corrine Stoewsand, Planning Consultant
  • Jorge Gomez, Community Outreach Consultant

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    To contact the Hunters Point Community Coalition
    Call or write:

    Hunters Point Community Coalition
    P.O. Box 1276
    Long Island City, NY 11101
    718 472 4260

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