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Long Island City (Queens, NY)is the Western-most part of Queens. We are directly opposite mid-town just a hop across the East River. We are not part of the region known as Long Island, though historically and geographically there's a definite connection.

Anyone from anywhere in the world may post original and follow-up postings. The intent is to focus on the Long Island City neighborhood and local issues. Please keep in mind that we have a diversity of cultures and ages checking in to this site and that what some might find perfectly natural to express, others might find offensive.

We reserve the right at any time to make deletions and even exclude if necessary, attempts to mis-use this system. Under no circumstances will I or anyone contributing to this site be held liable for any damage or misconduct claimed to be the result of use of this site.

Please do not advertise if you have no direct location within Long Island City or if your business does not have a specific significance for LIC. If you have any doubts, please contact me first. If you don't, your post has a good chance of being removed.

Also please do not post several postings about the same thing in a short amount of time. Most people will just be annoyed and not want to respond anyway. If you do so by accident, it happens, I understand.

That stuff aside. Hope you enjoy this site!

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