Stop Alternate Side Parking Now !

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Currently there is a proposal to create alternate side street parking to allow street cleaning. 
Alternate Street parking will only make a bad situation worse for the following reasons:

●   The financial strain to residents

●   The carbon footprint impact from cars moving around and idling

●   The ineffectiveness of street cleaning equipment and lack of creative alternatives

●   Adding to an unsolved expanding problem with parking

●   Increased polarization and conflict within the community

●   The counter-productive disruption to business

●   Personal and professional hours spent unproductively

●   Unnecessary mental and physical stress on citizens

●   Adding another punitive tax burden on citizens via additional parking fines 

●   Perpetuating the unaccountability of developers, visitors, business owners, and residents to be responsible for keeping the neighborhood clean

●   Damage by equipment to trees - especially young trees

Obviously something needs to be done as our neighborhood has grown so quickly. 
We need our officials to present a beneficial plan for the future that does not throw gas on the fire. 
We have been asking for Municipal Long and Short Term Parking and/or Resident Parking Permits.
Let’s not put the horse before the cart.

At the same website you will find…

●  A map of the affected areas and hours of the current proposal. 

●  A downloadable petition sheet to collect additional signatures.

●  Links to where to send personal letters. (Nothing anonymous please).

To have even greater impact than just a petition
write your personal reasons, hardships, and suggestions
for better solutions to our representatives.

Links & Info

note re: address:
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add an apartment or floor number

JPG Map of Affected Areas

Download PDF Map

Download PDF Petition
If you collect signatures
please drop off before Feb 7 6pm at:
5-32 47th rd,
( slide under the white, rod iron, door )

Download PDF of Info Leaflet

City Council Member
Jimmy Van Bramer

Community Board 2

Community Services & Public Safety Committee (CSPS) Meeting
Wednesday March 13 at 7 pm
43-22 50th st Woodside NY 11377
About the Committee meeting

Next CB2 meeting: Mar 7 at 7 pm
Sunnyside Community Services, 43-31 39th Street, Ground Floor, Sunnyside, NY  11104

John J. Doherty, Commissioner
Department of Sanitation
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